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question from: JR:
What is the legal definition of a commercial drywall firm?

The liablility insurance that I have claims that I am far more of a remdeling contractor than a drywall firm. But but we installed over 1,000,000 sq. ft. of the item final year. Most commercial contractors do instal both metal suds & drywall at the identical time to ensure a rigid & durable wall program.

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Answer by beachlover
its not the legal you need to have its the insurance organizations guidlines for what is regarded as commercial

searching at it i would say due to the fact you install framing they are considering you a remodeling contractor. dont consern yourself with tiny particulars its the bottom line you must consern oneself with .

what is it costing you and what would it be if yu went commercial
i utilized to own a drywall contacting business and just hung and finished. on occasion i would add a studor two to fix an situation.

you could be saving alot of income by not becoming commercial.

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